10 Jobs That Are Considered “Useless” by Many. Do You Agree?


Often met with cold responses, telemarketers face a tough challenge in a world of caller ID and spam filters.

Paper Shredder Listeners

Their task is shredding paper, but who's really listening to those whirring machines?

Professional Whistlers

While melodic, it's a rare skill that doesn't often find a place in most professions.

Fortune Cookie Writers

Crafting wisdom for a cookie that's quickly devoured might seem futile.

Pet Psychics

Conversing with animals is intriguing, but skepticism prevails for this mystical vocation.

Full-time Netflix Watchers

Binge-watching shows sounds fun, but its contribution to society is debatable.

Professional Cuddlers

Offering hugs for a living is cozy, yet practicality may be questioned.

Mime Artists

Silent performances can be captivating, but utility-wise, it's a head-scratcher.

Fragrance Testers

Smelling scents all day might not lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

Emoji Consultants

Interpreting emojis is modern, but can it truly be a sustainable job?

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