15 Most and Least Addictive Foods

Cheese- and pepperoni-lovers who crave a slice regardless of style or location will not be surprised. Pizza is portable, easy to eat, and the ideal comfort food.

I've never craved cucumbers. “I wish I had a cucumber to eat,” is not a human phrase. Many say they've desired pickles. Consider that you prefer pickles to cucumbers.

The delicious, semi-sweet, or bitter flavor of life. Chocolate is mild, harsh, white, or dark. Chocolate covers all others or is its foundation.

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No wonder this vegetable is the least addicting.  However, some say carrots are sweet and they enjoy them. When cooked with brown sugar or served with ranch, many people eat them.

Potato chips are Super Bowl Sunday's most popular snack.  They are the same whether called ‘crisps’ or ‘chips’.  The flavors range from unflavored to very hot, loaded, salted, fired, and barbecued. 

The least addictive foods category includes beans, which are protein and require proper cooking. 

Cookie Monster understands C is for Cookie—good enough for me. I've heard some individuals dislike cake but love cookies.

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