5 Minutes Of Immediate Relaxation: Go Slump, Dump And Pump


A simple way to relax instantly in under five minutes is revealed. The S.D.P. method We all wonder: What causes most modern unhappiness? It includes:

Stress, anxiety, fear, insecurity, comparison, emotional baggage, resentment, guilt, hatred, anger, jealousy, unwillingness to forgive, and more.

Step 1—Slump: Trick your body and mind despite stress. Get comfy in a chair or on the sofa. Despite the admonition to maintain your back straight, stoop in this step.

Gently lower your head and let your hands rest on your lap or dangle. Close eyes. Inhale deeply as you droop. Relax more with each exhalation.

Step 2 – Mental waste, not physical. While slouching, unload your thoughts. Like we purge garbage and pollutants from our body in the morning, do the same with your thoughts.


Recall anything terrible that happened in the previous hour, day, or since you woke up that generated annoyance, rage, or upset. Event, person, or condition.

Step 3 – Pump (P), make room for positive and powerful ideas. Positive thoughts and recollections provide warmth and contentment. Consider your blessings, delight, and excitement.

Visualize your loved ones and recall touching actions or compliments. Even if you have no ideas, count your blessings and enjoy the dawn or a good cup of coffee. Enjoy this upbeat vibe.