5 Reasons Your Dog Is Having Trouble Falling Asleep

Lack of proper sleep may create several problems for pets. They may grow worse, irritated, worried, or destructive. Sleep deprivation may also cause obesity, cognitive decline, heart disease, and diabetes.

Pain or discomfort: Dogs often have problems sleeping due to pain. Dogs may have painful medical diseases include arthritis, dental disorders, and gastrointestinal concerns.

Anxiety is another major cause of dog sleep problems. Separation, social, and noise anxiety may make it hard for dogs to sleep.


Poor sleeping environment might also impair your dog's sleep. A loud, bright, or unpleasant resting space might make it hard for your dog to go asleep.

Lack of exercise: Daytime inactivity may make it hard for dogs to sleep. Physical and mental exhaustion from exercise might help your dog go asleep and remain in bed.

As dogs mature, their sleep habits may shift. Older dogs may have difficulties sleeping, causing daytime tiredness and other health issues.