7  Biggest Dog Owner Mistakes

Some dogs are built for a sedentary existence, but all dogs need exercise occasionally, if not daily. 

One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make is not recognizing their dog's mood. If you watch, your dog shows aggression, depression, anxiety, and other emotions.

Without socialization, your dog's behaviors to other canines, people, and animals are unpredictable. 

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You don't avoid the doctor or dentist, right? Though it's not required for every sneeze or minor injury, dogs need regular vet visits to stay healthy and up-to-date on their vaccines. 

Giving a puppy or adult dog anything to replace negative behavior is a bad idea since it instills the idea that if they do it, they'll get something they want. 

A dog doesn't need to wait on its owner to accomplish anything, but it should be trained to behave and follow directions in public and at home.

Poor dental hygiene is one of the largest mistakes dog owners make and the most annoying. Like humans, dogs need their teeth cleaned and sometimes aid with breath.

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