The priciest dog breeds

Miniature Dachshunds can be expensive despite their little size. A puppy costs $1500–$2000, but a rare-colored mini will cost more.

Samoyed: A Samoyed puppy costs roughly $1800 and looks like a cloud. If you want one of these dogs, remember that they need a lot of grooming.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Lion hunters! Keep that in mind when considering the $1800–$2500 price tag for these stunning chestnut-colored puppies. 

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Cavapoo: A popular hybrid breed with a low-shed coat and pleasant demeanor. They cost $1000–$3000 and require trims every 4–6 weeks.

Newfies cost $1500–$3000, depending on bloodlines. Even if you groom your dog at home, you'll need multiple combs, rakes, and brushes to keep their coat in peak form.

The Spinone, a famous gundog in Italy, is gaining appeal in the US. Standard pups cost $2000, but exceptional bloodlines might cost more.

Azawakh dogs, beautiful West African sighthounds, are rare in the US. A puppy costs around $2000, but shipping it from its country might add to the expense.

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