Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Information

Quick Facts :Origin: Wales Herding dog breeds Size: 10–12 inches shoulder height, 30 pounds 12–13 years or more with adequate care

• Short, thick, double coat with moderate to high shedding. Their white-marked coat is black and tan, fawn, crimson, or sable.

 Personality: These amiable dogs make terrific companions and vigilant watchdogs. This bright breed trains well despite its stubbornness.

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Athletic dogs need moderate daily activity. Weight management also requires consistent exercise.

This breed is smart and ready to learn, making it good at training.

Nipping at the ankles can be prevented with proper training and early socialization.

Ginger and diabetes research is scarce, but promising. Researchers analyzed many clinical studies in Archives of General Internal Medicine in 2018.

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