A Toasty Winter?


A strengthening El Nio, according to NOAA forecasts, will drastically alter the winter outlook across the United States this year.

 Just how will that manifest itself? Where you reside makes a difference. Here is NOAA's most recent forecast.

In general, NOAA predicts drier weather for the Pacific Northwest and much of the Midwest this winter.

The Southeast and parts of the East Coast should expect wetter-than-average weather, while the Northeast and Great Lakes can expect warmer-than-average conditions.

 Due to persistently mild ocean temperatures, the Southern United States winter forecast is less solid than usual."

A significant El Nio event is 70% likely by the November-December-January season, according to Handel.

This is a major change from the previous three winters, when El Nio's counterpart, La Nia, ruled the weather.

Most of the country is expected to have "warmer than normal temperatures" in October, according to Handel.

The effects of El Nio are likely to be felt more strongly during the months of October through December.