American Fast Food Chains That You Can Effortlessly Resist 

Unfortunately, not all fast food joints in the US are as good as they claim to be.  

Popular as these spots may be, they don't always measure up to expectations when it comes to value or flavor.  

Let's take a look at  fast food chains that don't deliver on their promises.  

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To this day, Subway has not been able to replicate the success of its "Five-Dollar Footlong" ads from the early 2000s.  

Although Subway is attempting to improve its reputation with a marketing campaign that features well-known 

sportsmen, I still believe the firm has a ways to go before it can relive its former glory. 

Any trip to Subway in 2023 is sure to result in pricing shock, as consumers still have that enchanted five-dollar price point in mind when they're hungry.   

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