Baby Face Makeup

Makeup is our BFF. Makeup conceals defects and enhances our appearance. Look nice, feel wonderful. 

 We use strong night makeup and natural day makeup. Summer, spring, and winter makeup.

Babyface makeup is natural. Baby face makeup helps young women appear lovely. Korea and Thailand love babyface makeup. 

Baby face makeup helps you seem younger. As the name implies, this makeup needs little materials and little time

Baby face makeup is dewy but matte. Moisturize your face. Conceal imperfections and scars.

It looks natural when blended with moisturizer. Use triangles instead of half circles to hide under-eye puffiness.

Foundation next. We usually cover our faces in foundation. However, infant face makeup requires foundation just when needed.

Seal your foundation makeup with loose powder. For a matte finish and longer makeup wear, dust translucent powder over your face.

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