Before Buying A German Shepherd Puppy: 7 Things To Know


German Shepherd

Remember, having a German Shepherd may be rewarding, but you must be ready and committed to satisfy their physical, emotional, and financial demands.

Training and socialization

They are smart and trainable but require frequent socialization. Professional help or obedience training may help train a dog.

Breed-related illnesses

Hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and intestinal issues may influence GSD. Be mindful of these health problems and schedule frequent vet appointments.

Family-friendly Dog

German Shepherds are loyal family pets. Your family, including children and pets, should be GSD-friendly.


Breed characteristics

German Shepherds' traits may not suit you. Check their energy, temperament, and health to discover whether they're family-friendly.

Financial accountability

GSDs cost a lot. Consider feeding, grooming, vet care, immunizations, licencing, training, and unforeseen medical expenditures.

Time and attention

German Shepherds are kind and require plenty of attention. They feel bored and anxious alone. Take time for exercise, training, and relationships.

Lifelong devotion

German Shepherds live 10–14 years. You should be prepared to care for your dog through age-related health issues for life.