Best Apples For Eating


There is certainly no shortage of apple kinds at the supermarket, but with so many options, it might be difficult to choose on a single one.

The greatest apple kinds for baking have been discussed, but what about those for eating fresh?

When choosing an apple for raw uses like salads, snacks, and charcuterie boards, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

Choose an apple with a crisp texture and well-rounded flavor, or go for a tart apple for a jolt of acidity.

We'll compare the taste and feel of different apple varieties so you can pick the perfect one for a snack.

They're great on their own, as they're perfectly sweet and sour and have a satisfying crunch to them.

Because of their attractive red skin with yellow undertones, they are often used as a decorative element in salads and on snack boards.

It's the perfect apple for snacking because it has a mild flavor without being tasteless.

It has a hard texture that's perfect for crunching. It's fantastic for pies, crisps, and other baked goods because of how well it retains its form.