Best Dog Breeds for Cuddling

Affectionate, polite, fun-loving, and smart, golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the US. They are popular household pets.

Since the 17th century, Cavalier King Charles spaniels have charmed dog lovers with their gentle nature. Royals and nobility liked their lap-curling. 

Pomeranians are cuddly because they are loyal, brave, and loving. Small dogs used to travel in packs and huddle to stay warm.

Breeds like the Staffordshire bull terrier and American pit bull terrier have unjust reputations due to their fighting heritage. 

Newfoundlands are gentle, loving giants. They are called "nanny" dogs because they are very loyal to their family, especially children. 

Greyhounds, the quickest breed in the world, are frequently huge, goofy, and calm couch potatoes. This sensitive breed eagerly seeks touch with their owners

Chihuahuas have huge personalities despite their little size. Their outspoken nature attracts fans. They love cuddling with their owners after a long day. 

Pugs are lively, energetic, and calm. They are popular household pets that get along with kids and other animals. Most pugs will snuggle on your lap or next to you

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