Biden suggests Americans should ‘stop electing’


On Monday, President Biden criticized House Republicans for threatening a shutdown, saying they shouldn't have been elected.

"Funding the government is one of the most basic, fundamental responsibilities of the Congress and if Republicans in the House.

Biden said that in May he reached an agreement to raise the debt ceiling with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

 Right-wingers in the House of Representatives are now pushing for even bigger budget cuts.

He warned that "everyone in America could be faced with paying a price for that" because "a small group of extreme House Republicans, they don't want to live up to that deal."

 We have an agreement. We made handshakes. They promised to do this and now they're backtracking, which is par for the course these days.

"I haven't," he declared. When asked again if he would like to speak to the Speaker, he shook his head.

There has been little progress toward an agreement between Senate and White House Republicans or among House Republicans.

 He explained how the Black community would be affected by a government shutdown.