Cheap Ways to Make Cat Ownership Less Exhausting

They're self-adhesive (and twist pins for extra strength) and can be cut to fit your sofa.

Keep the love you have for your furry best friend strong even if a corner of the couch is in shambles

which can hurt your bare feet, try this litter trapper mat, which is soft on cats' paws and won't hurt yours either.

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 It is available in three different sizes and two colors (black and brown) and has a top layer with big holes where litter can easily fall through

 A moisture-resistant lining makes up the base layer, and the trapped litter can be easily dumped back into the litter box or the garbage.

For a low price, you can get this convenient holder for your cat litter scooper.

With one simple motion, you can empty the excess litter into the trash.

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