Clues They are not your soul mate; rather, they are a self-absorbed jerk.

A "runner" and "chaser" are common twin flame concepts. A manipulative person pretending to be your soulmate, twin flame, or divine counterpart 

A true love awakening will feel more like a peaceful hearth than a violent inferno. A healthy companion will "awaken" your strengths, not your grief. 

Lies are unnecessary when you're with the right person. Your partner is honest too.

You won't feel disposable with a healthy, compatible spouse. They won't hint at replacing you or seeking cheap approval.

Healthy companions reflect your potential. You see yourself in the narcissist's funhouse mirror. 

Toxic partners kill joy and spontaneity. Arguments have left you exhausted and self-doubting. 

Your vulnerability allows a healthy couple to connect. Narcissists exploit it further. 

They are your loving guide as you mend yourself. Narcissists use your greatest traumas, anxieties, and insecurities to intimidate and destabilize you.

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