Stopping Dog Barking

Avoid encouraging your dog to bark at strangers or doorknockers. Asking your dog “who’s that?” will pique their interest. He will bark after looking out the window or door.

 If you yell at him for barking at some sights or sounds, like the kids leaving for school, then encourage him to bark at others, like the salesperson at the door, he will confuse the two.

Do not penalize your dog for barking due to fear or separation anxiety. You may make him bark more due to worry.

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A Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist or Veterinary Behaviorist can show you how to remedy this habit.

Avoid using a muzzle or HusherTM during training or absence. Muzzles prohibit dogs from drinking, eating, and panting to control their body temperature.

Do not create a muzzle using rope or rubber bands. This is harsh and hazardous for the dog.

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