Disney Just Revealed How Badly Their Star Wars Hotel Failed

Welcome to Disney's Star Wars Hotel

Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. A dream turned nightmare.

High Hopes and Huge Investment

Disney's ambitious project aimed for the stars but crashed on the launchpad.

The Price Point Problem

Sky-high prices left many potential guests in another galaxy.

A Lack of True Experience

Expectations were lightsaber-high, reality was blaster-low.

Staffing Shortages

Fewer droids, more disgruntled guests. The service fell short.

Technical Troubles

Faulty droids, malfunctioning doors - a hotel not from this time or place.

Disappointing Dining

From blue milk to bland banquets - culinary creativity missed the mark.

Overcrowded Cantina

Rubbing elbows with strangers, not the aliens you were looking for.

Missed Entertainment Opportunities

Holo-chess alone can't save a lackluster lineup.

Themed to Extinction

Too much Star Wars, not enough magic. The novelty wore off quickly.

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