"Do All Brits Hate Americans?"

It's easy to fall for stereotypes when traveling the world, despite the abundance of different cultures and experiences.

These cliches, typically spread by the media, popular culture, or even well-intentioned tourists, might lead to erroneous conclusions.

One traveler advises others not to accept the media reports that queue-jumping in Britain has caused a public outcry.

The British are not as likely to produce a scene as the rest of the world believes they are to be because of their reputation for politeness.

 Expect passive-aggressive hostility if you decide to cut in line, but don't expect to be called out or confronted.

A traveler remarked that, while most Canadians are friendly and polite, this is not always the case.

Many Canadians are friendly and helpful, but the country is not immune to the problem of nasty and aggressive people.

Recently, a coffee spill on a streetcar occurred, and instead of the spiller apologizing, the user was held responsible.

 Try again. This is a widespread misunderstanding, according to a local resident.

Tourists in this dynamic and varied metropolis should know that not everyone there is a car nut.