7 easiest dog breeds to care for

You might believe an English Mastiff needs a lot of care given their enormous bulk (230 pounds) and stamina. 

We've seen that there are over 14 Mastiff breeds, including the Bullmastiff. Big friendly giants are bright and affectionate, but may not be the most easygoing canines you picture.

Poodles are lively dogs who need walks, so bring a leash. These regal-looking pets mimic their owners. 

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The attractive, friendly dog with its short legs and long body receives the title for low-maintenance dogs. Long-haired Dachshunds need daily brushing to avoid matting and tangles. 

Greyhounds are thought to be the fastest dogs in the world. 

Who doesn't adore a French Bulldog? It's little wonder they're a popular tiny dog breed. Their wonderful personalities make them friendly, affectionate, and lively dogs. 

The Mexican Chihuahua is a cute, little dog that doesn't need much exercise. Once taught, lap dogs Chihuahuas make good household companions. 

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