El Niño winter is coming in USA


Even though autumn has just started, it's not too early to think about winter, especially since it's possible that this winter .

For the first time in a few years, this winter will experience the phenomenon's significant influence on the season's coldest months.

The El Nio Southern Oscillation comprises three distinct phases, the most well-known of which is El Nio, which monitors the equatorial Pacific Ocean's .

El Nio is characterized by an extended period of warmer-than-average ocean temperatures.

El Nio, which began in June and is projected to be strong this winter and extend at least into early next spring, has already begun.

The opposite of El Nio, the cooler La Nia, has played a significant role in the past three winters across the United States.

Changes are on the horizon, as the Climate Prediction Center's early winter forecasts bear many of the markers of normal El Nio winters.

During an El Nio winter, the jet stream frequently moves south, which is one of the main reasons. NOAA reports that as a result of this change.

Storms can travel over the South with greater regularity during an El Nio winter because the jet stream is like a river of air that they flow through.