four signs of the zodiac that might use a quiet weekend.

Tauru By the weekend, you're exhausted from dealing with unpleasant customers at work or listening to your pals complain about the partners they should dump.

.Taurus Request some alone time this weekend. Laze around. Observe your ease. Sunbathe and walk around the block. Solo if you can.

Virgo Work hard. You're skilled at getting things done and delegating. That's why you need a weekend off

Virgo especially if you run a household. Plan a lazy weekend. 

Scorpio When stressed, all you want to do is crawl into a snug hole and emerge refreshed a few days later. Guess what? This weekend you can

Scorpio You need the weekend to feel better.

Aquarius You'd like peaceful weekends. You enjoy that dream. No drama, no people, no obstacles

 Aquarius listen to podcasts, and relax. Self-time is fine. Ignore naysayers

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