Globally Expensive Cat Breeds

Norwegian forest cats are known to jump and climb with ease, surprising their owners by resting contentedly on bookcases and refrigerators.

Egyptian maus Silky silver, bronze, and smoke coats cover the medium-sized breed.

The earliest cat breed, the Korat, resembles the Russian blue. Korats are given in pairs as wedding gifts in Thailand, where the breed originated, to bring luck and happiness.

Ragdolls are America's most popular cat breed 

Maine Coons, regarded as gentle giants, are America's second most popular cat breed.

Exotic Shorthair cats—short-haired Persians with pinched faces and googly eyes

These Persian longhair cuties are fluffier than their descendants. Persians are the longest-lived domesticated cats and popular cartoon pets

e Devon Rex is a great pet because they love being with their owners and don't like being alone. 

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