America's most popular dog breed

Mini American shepherds resemble small Australian shepherds at 13–18 inches tall

The cocker spaniel was America's most popular breed before becoming an AKC breed in 1878. 

Shelties from the remote Scottish Shetland islands are fast, smart, and devoted sheepherders.

Brittanys used to hunt, but now they play with youngsters and other dogs. They're agile, lively, and easy to teach.

Hunting buddies, English springer spaniels are hardy and robust under that long silky coat. 

Cuba has just Havanese. Because they don't need much space, city residents love these lively, social canines.

The 3–7-pound Pomeranian is plenty of personality. Royals love them for their inquisitiveness and boldness.

Bostonians are well-mannered and wear tuxedo coats. They love kids and are hilarious class clowns.

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