Here Are Indisputable Indications That You're Dating-Ready

Future prospects excite you,You might worry about letting your defenses down again.

You no longer think about your ex,You may occasionally consider them. They were essential to you.

Even though you're unhappy, you've accepted what happened and realize you can't alter it. It ended. No more.

A companion should enrich your life, not flee it,After a breakup, you're afraid of being alone 

You'll know you're becoming closer to them to improve your life, not to escape it.

You addressed your issues,Your ex's baggage isn't your fault, but you must deal with it

Dating again is your choice,You're not dating again to impress your ex, settle down, or run out of time.

ou feel,You can offer and receive love. You'll stay when things get tough. You'll work to adore someone entirely

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