How Astrology Can Improve Love Giving and Receiving

Venus in Aries is forthright and bold in love. As a passionate fire sign, you rush into romance without much thinking

Venus in Taurus makes you incredibly sensuous. You love and are loved best through physical gestures. 

Venus in Gemini loves communication. Someone who meets you intellectually and emotionally stirs you most.

Cancer Venus wants relationship security. You open romantically slowly.

Venus in Leo wants movie-like love. You love extravagant gestures. You seek attention and PDA

Venus in Virgo wants sensible, solid love. You hate games the most. However, you often play savior. 

Libra Venus makes you romantic. Since Venus rules love, it makes sense! You seek harmony.

Venus in Scorpio makes you romantically intense and intuitive. Because you're so in love, you're possessive of your relationships.

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