How Come Dogs Dig, and What Causes It? 

Some of a dog's actions, which may appear strange to humans, are actually quite natural.  

Any time a dog urinates on the grass, it's likely to be a territorial marker. 

Another possible explanation for a dirty puppy gnawing on dirt is that it's bored, curious, or nervous.  

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Plus, tenacious diggers could get into problems if they dig a hole through the yard or find toxic plant bulbs. 

While a playful puppy digging in the sand on a beach walk is adorable, 

it's not so cute when Fido digs holes in your perfectly manicured grass, tracks dirt into your spotless kitchen, or scratches your sofa.  

To find out why dogs dig so often, as well as some clever tactics to avoid weekly lawn repairs, we consulted an expert.  

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