How Your Zodiac Sign Defines You Within Your Social Circle 

You break the pattern by making an executive decision when everyone is attempting to decide where to eat or drink.  

Taurus  The friend group is hosted by you. Whatever it is, you're always volunteering to throw parties and chill hangs. 

Maybe it's because you never want to leave the house or because you enjoy making other people feel at ease.  

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Twin stars  In our social circle, you are known as the flirt. Whether you're actually interested in someone or not, you find a way to flirt with them. 

Like a friendship superpower, it means that being in your company makes each of your friends feel special. 

Cancer  The friend circle considers you mom. When your pals are upset, you're prepared with a glass of water or a homemade meal to help them feel better. 

Additionally, you possess an infinite supply of trickery that appears to contain all the necessary items, and even more. 

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