Is dark chocolate health? Yes, and it has more health benefits than you might think


We may feel that eating chocolate is good for the soul – but did you know that those feelings are real and backed by science?

Eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can improve mood and feelings of well-being. It is also jam-packed with helpful nutrients like antioxidants and minerals that can improve your overall health.

Feeling slow? Fiber-rich dark chocolate. Need better sleep? The magnesium in dark chocolate helps. Leaving for the sun? Flavanols in dark chocolate may protect skin against UV radiation.


Chocolate's calming properties are real. A recent research indicated that dark chocolate (85% cacao) consumption for three weeks had less negative effects than the control group.

But the 70% cacao group didn't have the same impact, suggesting that cacao dosage matters. Dark chocolate may increase mood more than milk chocolate.

Additionally, dark chocolate is rich in important minerals like iron, magnesium and phosphorous.