July 8 Horoscopes Are Tough For 3 Zodiac Signs


For three zodiac signs, today's discovery will be regrettable. What we uncover on July 8 will damage us, and if it doesn't

Three zodiac signs desire to relive this day, but life isn't a rehearsal. Or do you? Sensitivity might make some chilled. Others may shut down. 

Today's main issue is that someone in your life just unloaded on you, implying they need you to relieve some of their stress by telling you everything.


You want to be kind and supportive, but Moon sextile Pluto drains you. Today's about juggling your dealio and someone else's.

Today's problem is that you need to accomplish something, but someone else's requirements appear to take precedence. You're usually quite helpful.


Today's demand to behave on behalf of this other person imprisons you. It's excessive. It's making you oversensitive and irritable.

As a Sagittarius, you're used to sticking your foot in your mouth, but during Moon sextile Pluto, you'll make sure the whole leg is stuck up to the thigh.


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