Lovely Bulldog Breeds to Add to Your Family 

The distinctive wrinkles, lovely stocky build, and cute compressed "sour mug" faces of bulldogs are instantly recognizable. 

Adopting a puppy from one of the many bulldog breeds is likely to be a match made in heaven if you follow numerous accounts featuring adorable French or American bulldogs.  

All bulldogs, regardless of breed, share a striking muscular physique, a squinted nose, tiny ears, and a rolling stride.  

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Some dog breeds are really little, while others can be considered enormous.  

Despite their propensity of cuddling up on your lap, bulldogs are active dogs that benefit from modest exercise. 

No matter how self-assured a bulldog seems, they still require plenty of TLC. 

Before visiting a reputable adoption site in search of your new best friend, a bulldog, it's a good idea to educate yourself on the many varieties of this breed. 

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