Low maintenance dog breeds


Wire-haired Dachshunds will require occasional trips to the groomer, while long-haired Dachshunds will take a lot of time and work.

However, those with short coats only need a weekly brushing to keep them looking presentable. This makes them an ideal low-maintenance breed.

Miniature Dachshunds need only half an hour of daily exercise, whereas larger dogs require an hour, and they would benefit greatly.

French Bulldogs are generally clean unless they've been playing in mud and puddles. Their short, thin fur rarely mats, making maintenance.

They do shed, but again, due to the nature of their hair, this is rarely a major issue..

You should prioritize preventing skin problems, although many Frenchies may go a month without a bath.

 If you consult a vet about which shampoo is best for your pet and take care to dry it thoroughly, paying special attention to the areas between its folds.

Chihuahuas are great walking partners since they only need 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day, and that can be split up into two or three shorter walks in the park or around the block.

 Also, shedding is not a major issue because it can be easily remedied by a simple vacuuming.

However, there are several areas in which they still require improvement: house training can be difficult.