Most Joyful US States


According to the study, Utah is the happiest state overall, with residents reporting the best conditions at work and in their communities.

 As the state with the lowest rate of adult depression, Hawaii ranks second nationally in this category.

Meanwhile, West Virginia ranks dead bottom with a rate of adult depression three times higher than the worst state in the US, Hawaii.

Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky join the Mountain State as the next four unhappiest states in the US. Pennsylvania, at number 25, is the actual neutral.

Colorado ranks 31st for both sports participation and good sleep rates, and North Dakota and South Dakota tie for 13th for lowest long-term unemployment rate.

In terms of community and environment, we consider aspects like optimal temperatures, typical free time, and general security.

The personal finance website took into account mental and physical health, the quality of one's workplace, and the local community when formulating this theory.

The former factors in things like job satisfaction, the quality of life index, and the prevalence of depression in adults.