Non-swimming Dog Breeds

The pug is the first. Flat features make these little wrinkled pups have problems breathing. In deep water, a pug's short legs can't reach the floor for support.  

Corgis were bred in Wales, UK, for herding, however they aren't strong swimmers. They can be taught to swim, but their huge bodies, barrel-shaped chests, and lengthy legs make them unnatural swimmers.

Dachshunds, like corgis, have long bodies and short legs, making swimming difficult. They have longer muzzles than brachycephalic breeds like the pug

Boxers' long legs and athletic bodies deceive. Brachycephalic like the pug, they have a flat face and short muzzle. They can swim, but too much time in the water might cause respiratory and head-above-water issues.

Shih Tzus struggle to stay afloat due to their short muzzles and small legs. Their thick coat might grow damp and weigh them down, making breathing difficult. 

Basset hounds were initially bred for hunting, however they won't follow a trail into deep water. Their big bodies, large heads, and small legs don't suit swimming. 

These amiable, lightweight pups have full muzzles and are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. They'll struggle to adjust to chilly water and will likely thank you for playing on land instead.  

Due to their deep chests and shorter legs, bull terriers are not well suited to life in the water.

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