How to Keep Garlic Fresh

 Smith says that the best way to store garlic is outside in a dry, dark, well-ventilated tunnel. "Don't put them in the fridge; it makes shoots grow from the bulbs."

Garlic that has been peeled should be kept in the fridge in a container that won't let air in, like a jar or a plastic bag.

Don't wait too long to use up minced garlic; it goes bad quickly. Minced garlic can be kept in the fridge for up to one day. 

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Once it's cut, garlic starts to break down very quickly. How about this tip for making it last longer?

Smith says, "In my restaurants, I store minced garlic in olive oil." You'll get an extra day or two, but not much more.

You can, but it will feel a little different. For peeled cloves to not stick together when frozen, spread them out on a baking sheet until they are solid. Then put them in a jar that won't let air in.

Stir in the chilled buttermilk in a gentle manner until there are no dry pockets of flour left.  

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