Recipe for Strawberry Brownies

Strawberries will be used to make homemade strawberry puree, the main flavoring ingredient in the strawberry brownies.

Strawberries, either fresh or frozen, can be used.  If you want to know how to make the best strawberry coulis, check out my blog post. Use granulated white sugar (known as caster sugar)

White Chocolate Rather than a blondie, which has no chocolate at all, these are white chocolate strawberry brownies.

Make sure you're using actual white chocolate (in the form of a bar or callets) and not chocolate chips for this step. 

Because we'll be melting the butter, there's no need to let it get to room temperature first. 

You'll need 2 eggs, 1 white and 1 yolk.  When possible, use large, free-range eggs. 

Extract or paste made from vanilla beans can be substituted.  Avoid using vanilla extract if at all possible. 

White chocolate pieces or chips - any form of white chocolate will do. Use double cream, heavy whipping cream, or heavy cream exclusively.  The minimum fat content is 33%. 

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