Signs of a Bad Person

My dad would have done this if he had grown up with the internet. He recorded us crying to embarrass our family.”

Someone littered two feet from a bin. I bent down and picked up this man's trash while carrying my enormous toddler in a sling. 

I strained to bend down because the toddler is heavy, but I've never seen somebody seem so ashamed.”

"I work with a shelter, and the horrific things humans can do to dogs and cats are unbelievable."

In a restaurant with my parents, we sat next to a table where a girl had just graduated from medical school and was celebrating with her family

“When manipulating or abusing others is the default coping mechanism.”

“Disrespect for waitstaff. Service workers are often treated like underlings, deserving of any mistreatment. Totally unnecessary or appropriate

unless the staff started it, and even then, I was trained not to fall to "their level of rudeness."

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