Signs of the Zodiac That Should Focus on Deepening Their Universalism This Month 

Sign of the Pisces The focus this month should be on honing your instinctive radar, Pisces.  

You have an innate ability to listen into cosmic energies, yet the din of daily life can obscure those gentle nudgings from above. 

Virgo This month, Virgo, you have the chance to strengthen your bond with the Universe through the power of language. 

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Keeping a journal can be a powerful cosmic tool. Be mindful of your surroundings and the things you think about. 

If you look closely enough, you can see patterns and insights that can lead you in the right direction. 

Mars Gemini This month, Sagittarius, take a break; meditate to calm yourself and reconnect with your inner self. 

The energy of your fire sign is full of adventure, but the cosmos is telling you to look inward instead.  

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