Simon Baker and Son Claude Undress to Swim In Bondi

Simon Baker got in some father-son bonding time at Bondi Beach as he and his second eldest Claude Blue went for a dip in the sea.

The lookalike duo wore their swim trunks and showed off their toned torsos as they soaked up some sun on the hot spring day.

Leaving a pile of their belongings in the sand, The Mentalist star, 54, slipped into a pair of blue board shorts for his day out while Claude, 24, stepped out in black.

They were spotted trudging back out of the shallows after drenching themselves beneath the waves.

The father-of-three appeared to still have a lick of sunscreen clinging to his nose as he wiped the salty water from his eyes and swept back his hair.


Meanwhile, Claude trailed close behind his famous father, sweeping his own dark locks back as he squinted against the sun.

The actor attended the North American premiere of his new film Limbo at the Toronto International Film Festival days before their adventure.

He posed for photos with Limbo director Ivan Sen and producer Rachel Higgins at the event and was smiling. Travis, Simon's character, comes in a tiny Australian outback city to investigate at twenty-year-old murder in Limbo.

Travis engages with murder victims and uncovers difficult facts about injustice and grief. The Guardian called the video 'the roughness of crime, but a pulse of compassion'.

At the Berlin International Film Festival, director Ivan highlighted the film's implications and thought-provoking debates.

He said one subject is 'the unaddressed challenges affecting indigenous Australians when it comes to becoming victims of crimes in Australia' during the discussion.