These basic dog bathing recommendations from a professional trainer will help.

Most dog parents will bathe their pup at some point, but regular bathing can damage their coat and skin. Your dog may need bathing if they like to roll in the mud.

Even for experienced dog parents, bathtime can be hard. Many wind themselves soaked in as much water as their pet, while their best dog shampoo bottles stay clean.

Expert trainer Zak George has shown on Instagram how to make bathtime easy for you and your dog. We'll examine his advice below.

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To give a dog a bath, let them approach the shower at their own pace before turning on the water.

Once your dog approaches voluntarily, lift the shower head. Sudden movements can scare or unnerve your dog. 

Proceed slowly. Let your dog try the shower before you start washing them. 

In order to make it simpler to serve, she desired something that was presented in a cup. 

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