My Puppy Bite Me—Why?

Expect lots of cuteness and unending cuddling when you bring home a new puppy.

When your lovely furry pet nips at your hands, feet, or trouser legs, it might be stressful.

Here are some of the most common reasons your puppy bites you. Understanding the causes might help you change this habit.

They learn about their environment, socialize, and set boundaries by biting.

Teething causes puppy biting also. Puppy teething is similar to human baby teething.

Chewing on anything, including your hands, helps them cope with this unpleasant process.

Providing proper chew toys and limiting biting on inappropriate objects can lessen teething discomfort and undesired nipping.

We adore our pets, but science shows they can disrupt sleep. If you can't get rid of Fido, buy a little pet bed to keep him from waking you up at night. 

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