Summer's Beach Destination for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries Black sand beaches, especially Wai’anapanapa, connect you to your elemental strength. The rugged coastline of a private cove on Maui was carved from volcanic rock

Taurus is the sign of beauty and abundance, so your earthy nature is drawn to green. Papakolea Beach on Hawaii's Big Island has heart chakra-colored sand. 

Mercury rules your curiosity, zaniness, and fascination in illogical things. You'll want to be the first in your group to visit Spain's weird and beautiful Gulpiyuri Beach.

 Mosquito Bay—the world's most famous bioluminescent beach—will unleash your superpowers. Crashing waves make you sparkle like the algal 

At the beach, you want to relax like a mermaid after a long swim. Hot Water Beach in New Zealand lies above subsurface hot springs that rise through the wet sand

Virgos seek order, purity, and cleanliness since life is chaotic. Whitehaven Beach in Queensland, which appears like heaven, will calm Virgos. This award-winning beach has pure white silica 

As a Venus-ruled zodiac sign, you adore beautiful, calm beaches. The world's pinkest beach, Komodo Island's Pink Sand Beach, is a peaceful place to unwind. 

Shripwreck Beach—Navagio Beach—is more mysterious than it appears. Remote beauty, secrets, and taboos pull you. You can only reach Navagio Beach by boat

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