Supercontinent Will Kill Us All


A study modeling an imminent, unsurvivable supercontinent was published on Monday in Nature Geoscience.

Pangea Ultima will lead to "conditions rendering the Earth naturally inhospitable to mammals," according to researchers from the University of Bristol.

The development of Pangea Ultima would generate so much carbon dioxide that it would double the current atmospheric concentration.

However, that is only part of the picture. The sun's heat will increase by 2.5% as it ages and continues to sear the Earth.

The shape of this world intrigues me. The continents would be closer together than they seem on a regular map.

 The scientists' maps don't show the average summertime maximum temperature, which would be a charred meat-colored 60 C.

According to the report, over the 310 million years that mammals have been around, they have lived in "nearly every terrestrial biome" on Earth.

We have survived multiple mass extinctions and have been around for almost twice as long as dinosaurs.

They also note that the dominance of Earth's most abundant vertebrates is unaffected by any other causes.

Scientists discovered that this might be the only item that kills animals for the next few billion years.