The one-sentence wake-up call all zodiac signs must hear by July 2023's end.

Aries You know a lot, but not as much as some other people.

Taurus You're only making things worse by refusing to make any changes, even though you're well aware of your errors.

Gemini Even if you find your own actions amusing, that doesn't guarantee everyone else would.

Cancer If you never make your limits known, others will keep testing them and pushing against them.

Leo I hate to be the one to break it to you, but no one besides you gives a hoot about what you did.

Virgo You might be waiting forever if you expect the people in your life to suddenly begin appreciating you, especially if you expect them to do so without your prompting.

Libra Rather than worrying about whether or not every letter, punctuation mark, and emoji is perfect, you should probably simply send that text.

Scorpio If you didn't like being mysterious, you might open out.

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