The 2024 Story Is Centered Around These Zodiac Signs. 

While life is full of ups and downs for everyone, some of us will discover that we are thrust into the limelight, ill-prepared or not.  

Taking care of one's own wants and needs isn't intrinsically selfish. We deserve occasional celebrations! 

Having been the protagonists last year, Aries and Taurus are continuing to be such for at least part of 2024. 

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The North Node remains in Aries, paving the way for further substantial shifts and transformations. 

You are prepared to come out of hiding after spending the last year in your 12th House of Subconsciousness and Isolation. 

More writing and public speaking opportunities present themselves to you during this transit, so you may hone your skills and put your ephemeral talents to good use. 

There may be thrilling prospects for those with creative minds in these areas to have an impact on a larger scale.  

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