The Astrological Cause of Your Loneliness

Aries Too busy. Always moving. You barely have time to breathe with a thousand things to do.

Taurus  Never talk. You like calculating and protecting yourself. Love's unpredictability scares you

Gem You're not attracting the right individuals since you're having fun and being carefree. Nobody takes you seriously

Cancer You're caring. You're terrific together. You can obsess over unimportant things. Your temper is off-putting. Stop exaggerating.

Leo Your charm and magnetism have always drawn people to you. Your selfishness can turn people away. Your ego drove others away.

 cancer You're tired of being called choosy, but it's true. You shouldn't compromise or date someone you don't like.

ibra Even if you care about fairness and equality, your indecision drives people crazy. Never decide. Like them? Not you? Want a relationship? 

Sagittarius Sexual energy comes initially, which can be good. You're overpowering. Y

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