The Deadliest Car Vehicles on the Road

American muscle cars with high horsepower and a hot rod image are among the worst vehicles on the road

The findings illuminate vehicle-type crash risks and their potential impact on road safety.

Six of the 21 vehicles with the highest driver death rates in 2020 were Chevrolet Camaros, Dodge Challengers, Dodge Chargers, and Ford Mustangs

Eight other high-driver-death vehicles are little automobiles or minicars. 18 of the 23 lowest driver death rates are minivans or SUVs

Smaller cars' inability to protect drivers, especially in SUV and pickup incidents, contributes to their high driver death rates.

The study also shows how vehicle image and marketing affect crash risk. Muscle vehicles, known for their drag racing heritage

The IIHS assessed the best and worst models based on the number of other drivers died in incidents with them for the first time.

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