The Four Signs of the Zodiac That Could Use Some Humor

Aries, you need regular reminders that life is not a competition and that you don't need to prove yourself, especially to your closest friends.

 Aries You can't relax or simplify. You'd rather suffer than cut corners, no matter how cheap or convenient. You should investigate this.

Gemini, learn to flow. You can't micromanage your day. I'm not underestimating your punctuality, but something has to give. Minute planning exhausts the mind.

Gemini  Without three weeks' notice, you don't know what to do. You can't examine and respond to your feelings right now. 

Virgo, you know how to delegate—you just don't trust anyone to do it your way. For creative control, you'd prefer take on a complete group project. 

 virgo You appear calm and collected, but you're always on the verge of a breakdown because you've taken on too much.

Scorpio, hypocrite. You hold people to such high standards, sometimes exceeding your own. You forgive yourself but hold others to a one-strike-you're-out approach

 Scorpio You can't expect the people in your life to never have a bad day, a poor attitude, or say or do the wrong thing. 

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