The Frustrating Characteristic All Zodiac Signs Share but Deny

Aries,You're competitive. You say that competitiveness is fun, but you want to win and be the best.

Taurus,You're stubborn and won't change. You don't even mind. It exhibits passion

Gemini,You can turn on folks instantly. Any slight makes them your biggest enemy. 

Cancer,Your mood swings upset you. You hate party weeping as much as everyone else.

Leo,You're more sensitive than you let on, but you're convinced people know. After all, you fuss whenever things go wrong

Libra,You ignore any advise but crave it. Your friends tire of helping you through difficulties just to see you repeat the same mistakes.

Scorpio,You're quite jealous. Whether you're single or in a relationship, you're fuming in the corner.

Sagittarius,If the topic is uninteresting, you stop listening. It may not be intentional, but it makes you appear like an ass.

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