The Most Odd Pet Toys We Conned 

These toys are amusing to look at (I mean, come on, a bird on a bike!) and they'll keep your feathery, furry, or fishy pal busy for hours. 

Continue reading if you're looking to add a new, more unique toy to your pet's collection.  

Discover 17 of the most bizarre pet toys ever found, including a shopping cart that parrots adore, soccer balls adorned with sturdy 

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nylon straps for a game of tug-of-war, and quirky cardboard scratchers shaped like laptops. 

Your feathered friend will be entertained for hours with this miniature basketball set, which includes a hoop and a few lightweight balls. 

Like humans, parrots enjoy shooting hoops.  

You and your puppy can now play tug of war with far less effort.  

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